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William Sherman

GNC Lead

Drew Russ

Mechanical Lead

William Sherman is an undergraduate mechanical and aerospace engineering student at the University of South Alabama as well as the Guidance, Navigation, and Control Lead for JagSAT Mission 1. With a fascination for rockets, planes, and tinkering from a very young age, he pursued his interest by selecting mechanical engineering as his major and beginning research in the Facility for Aerospace Systems and Technology Laboratory at the University of South Alabama. Will begun research on autonomous drone flight control systems, then moving on to reaction wheel control system design for the Alabama Space Grant Consortium’s AEGIS lunar cube satellite project. On JagSAT Mission 1 his work began with control simulations for the project and has now progressed on to management, systems development, and systems integration for the Guidance, Navigation, and Control team. Given any task, he may not be perfect at it, but he will give it his all to produce the highest caliber result he is capable of.

Drew is an undergraduate student carrying out a double major in Physics and Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering, and a minor in Math. Drew has worked on many aerospace research projects, including constructing a FarmBot for NASA's X-Hab, a brief stint with the AEGIS satellite, and a mathematical physics project developing new orbital optimization algorithms. JAGSAT-1 is by far Drew's favorite (but don't tell the physics department).

Jacob Gully

Structures Lead

Wyatt Taylor

Thermal Lead

Sean Erwin

Adam Williamson

Payload Lead
Software Lead
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