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Alysa San Filippo

Project Manager

Marina Parker, M.S.

Lead Systems Engineer

Alysa San Filippo is a senior Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering student at the University of South Alabama where she was named the College of Engineering's Student of the Year for the academic year of '19-'20. She currently serves as Vice President of Tau Beta Pi's Alabama Epsilon Chapter and is an ambassador for the College of Engineering. She is also an active member of IEEE and IEEE-HKN. Along with her studies, Alysa completed an internship with Dynetics, Inc. serving as a data collection software developer. She plans to pursue a career in industry following graduation while also attending school for a Masters Degree.

Marina Parker is a Systems Engineering doctoral candidate at the University of South Alabama. Her current research focus is hyperspectral imaging with the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering  Department, Pharmacology and Center for Lung Biology. She has presented her research at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco, CA, SBEC in Hattiesburg, MS, and USA’s graduate research forum in Mobile, AL. Marina received her Master’s in Mechanical Engineering with a Thermofluids concentration from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where she was also selected as Student Commencement Speaker for graduating class of 2015. At UMASS Lowell, Marina worked on various projects such as vibrational response studies for turbine blades, wind tunnel testing,  and the use of carbon nanotubes for reduction of energy consumption during manufacturing of composite structures, overseen by Dr. Fetfatsidis, Director of Advanced Composites Pursuits Program at Aurora Flight Science, Boston, MA. 

Marina's current research stems from remote sensing technologies, originally developed by NASA for earth mapping but have since been applied in numerous fields such as agriculture and medicine. Her research focus is developing new optical approaches to improve hyperspectral imaging applications in microscopy.

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